The NERC Facility for Scientific Diving (NFSD) at SAMS provides divers, equipment, training and scientific/technical support that underpins a wide range of high-class interdisciplinary research in the underwater environment. 

The primary level of service  delivers practical support for diving-related underwater scientific projects through  providing additional manpower for groups with limited diving experience, total project management for scientists with no diving experience and/or specialist equipment loans for groups with diving experience but limited resources. 

On a secondary level, the Facility undertakes to ensure proper adherence to Health and Safety legislation as applied to diving at work activities.  This can be through targeted training programmes, communicating advice and guidance for senior management with legal responsibilities for diving at work, undertaking safety audits on behalf of the NERC Health and Safety management structure and facilitating a wider interactive dialogue with others in the  higher education field and the Health and Safety Executive. 

The NFSD is the main co-ordinating body within the UK for scientific diving through its support and maintenance of an extensive underwater research programme, its support for the UK Scientific Diving Supervisory Committee, its interactions with other diving industry bodies, its ongoing diving research and evaluation programme, and its focussed training programme for scientists and technicians involved with working underwater.  In addition to diving services per se, the NFSD also provides support and training in associated small boat operations and in emergency diving medicine.