Global Research

The NFSD have experience of contributing to scientific diving operations in many places around the world. In addition to the normal types of diving and scientific equipment, the NFSD now hosts a portable containerised diving unit, complete with a twin-lock recompression chamber. This is used to support ship-based diving operations in remote locations.


SAMS is a partner organisation in the International Arctic Marine Biology Station at Ny Alesund, Svalbard.  The NFSD maintains a diving capability at Ny Alesund.


NFSD has experience of Antarctic diving and has contributed to diving operations in support of marine science programmes of the British Antarctic Survey (  In addition, some scientific divers going to Antarctica through BAS obtain pre-deployment diving training through the NFSD.

Tropics / Sub Tropics

Recent diving in tropical/sub-tropical waters has supported research into the organic impacts of aquaculture in the Red Sea and deepwater algal communities in the eastern Mediterranean.

North Temperate

The NFSD undertakes diving operations in support of science throughout the UK as well as some European locations.  All NFSD staff are qualified to the Advanced European Scientific Diver level.